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November 25, 2009
RIP Fuzzy

FAQ updated, and I now have a dog!


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Welcome to Miley Save Fuzzy

GREAT NEWS! I now have a dog!

* Fuzzy is dead. Check the Updates page. Full story is on a new page: Fuzzy's Demise. Make sure you read the disclaimer before you proceed!
The following text is no longer entirely relevant, as the deadline expired. Page is kept for archiving purposes and to familiarize newcomers with the contents and purpose of this site.

Like many others, I became addicted to Miley Cyrus' Tweeting. Catching up with her daily chores and what she has in mind have become part of my daily routine.  

You could imagine how painfully shocking it was to learn that Miley will be quitting Twitter for ever - especially for a silly reason I can't even remember, but it goes along the lines of her boyfriend not having a Twitter or something like that. 

The other day I asked myself: 'What can I do to bring Miley back to Twitter?' Fan video? Petitions? Letters? That never works. Heck, Miley even made her own video about never wanting to use Twitter again. Then I looked at my cat Fuzzy and I realized, maybe Fuzzy can help. Fuzzy can make the ultimate sacrifice for this cause. It was very difficult for me, you see, as I sincerely love Fuzzy. But my mind is made up. I could always get another cat, but nothing can replace Miley's tweets for me!

The idea is very simple. I've set a deadline of November 16, 2009 November 22, 2009, when Fuzzy will part with his life and become a meal. I intend to make a cat dish according to our ethnic cuisine. Check out the Recipes section for more information. Also, you can view some pictures of Fuzzy here.

I do not consider myself a cruel person and I do love my cat. Fuzzy will receive quick and swift death and I'll try to minimize his suffering. As a disclaimer I must say that most recipes require to behead or suffocate the cat and then rapidly pluck and dress it. Unfortunately I have no experience with that so I really hope I won't hurt Fuzzy too much... but I'm sure eventually everything will be okay! As soon as the meal is prepared and eaten, I will update the Pictures section with photos of the resulting meal, as well as some notes and impressions from someone who had a first cat-based meal in life.

How can Fuzzy be saved?

Simple. Miley Cyrus needs to come back to Twitter. At least occasionally. I respect her position, and do not mean to pressure her to do anything against her will! But still... She just can't give something so great to the world and then take it back completely, just like that! Besides, it doesn't have to affect her life in a bad way. She can just tweet whenever she feels like it. I do want her to be somewhat active, however. The deal is basically this: if Miley reopens her account sometime between now and November 16, 2009 at 10PM EST November 22, 2009 at 10PM EST, Fuzzy's life will be spared. However, just reopening the account is not enough. I want to make sure she's active again (even if she's less active than before, that's her choice). Which is why, at first, every time Miley tweets, Fuzzy's cooking deadline extends by one week. After I see she's pretty much active again and she's making several tweets on a somewhat regular basis, the idea of cooking Fuzzy will be abandoned and Fuzzy will live on for the rest of his natural days.

Let me clarify: This is NOT a prank or a hoax. I am not joking, even if some will choose to interpret it that way. Cooking a cat is not illegal in my country, in fact it's part of our culture. I'm not asking for money or any other benefit. Fuzzy is my cat and I will not entertain any offers of selling or giving him away. If Miley doesn't tweet again, this WILL happen, and I'm as serious as a heart attack.

I hope Miley comes through. I'm sure she already considers coming back anyway.

How can you help?

Fuzzy's life is hanging by a thread and will end if I do not achieve my goal. Ultimately, Miley is the only one who has the power to save Fuzzy. However, you may be able to temporarily extend the deadline. You can help by spreading the word around. Talk about Fuzzy, tweet about Fuzzy (use the #mileysavefuzzy hashtag), raise awareness. The most important thing is making sure Miley knows about this.

UPDATE: She knows

To keep you motivated, for one time only, in order to help and raise awareness, if #mileysavefuzzy becomes a trending topic on Twitter, the deadline will extend by one week. (Deadline extended to November 22, this will no longer extend the deadline)

After that, it's up to Miley.


You can contact me at savefuzzy -at- gmail -dot- com.                          Also, feel free to follow me on twitter for updates. I will do my best to keep you updated regarding Fuzzy's condition or any relevant info. Major news will appear on both the main page and my Twitter.